Business Consulting

Info For You provides business consulting services in the following areas:


Info For You primarily offers accounting consulting using QuickBooks software.  We have in times past offered consulting in a variety of other software packages, but have found that QuickBooks is the more versatile package that we prefer for the bulk of our customer’s needs.

Business Processes

In today’s business world it takes many processes to keep things flowing smoothly.  This can be manual/paper-driven systems along with software packages.  Info For You offers consulting on how to make the most of the tools you use and keep your system flow manageable with the least amount of human error possible.

Human Resource Consulting

If you have a business with employees or even subcontractors you have need of our services.  In today’s marketplace it’s hard to know how to handle these things, especially if you started your business yourself.  You know what you do, but don’t know how to handle “employee” issues.  We’re here to help.

Software Efficiency

Sometime the software you’re using just isn’t getting the job done, or maybe it could if you knew how to use it right.  We can help you decide which of these situations, if any, are affecting you.