Hotel or Motel?

When planning a trip, or need somewhere quick to stay the night, there are many options for temporary lodging. Between hotels and motels, people often wonder what the difference is.

There really is not a lot of difference.

Motels originated in the 1950’s and the name ‘motel’ is derived from the term “motor hotel,” which originally meant that the hotel provided parking.

The term motel today generally is used for a “limited service” property, or a hotel that provides a limited number of amenities and does not provide food service.

So a motel is great for a single night stay or when you need to have a quick place to rest during a long drive, where a hotel may suite you more for longer stays, and as part of a destination stay.

Keep these differences in mind when deciding between hotels or motels when researching or even on the fly to make sure you, your family, or partners are all absolutely comfortable.

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