Dog Crates

We have two dogs. One is a an older dog that has lived past his breed expectancy. The other is only a year and half old. Each have different needs in terms of dog kennels, especially at this point in their lives.

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In the past we’ve had the original dog kennels that are more constricting, (usually used to ship animals on planes). We were in the colder climate of Washington, so airflow wasn’t as much of a factor. They worked well for their purpose at that time.

Originally when we were moving down to AZ we only had one of the original type of kennel, so we needed another to safely transport our dogs with us when we drove down. We opted to try this new type of dog crate. We liked this one so much that when it became necessary to crate both dogs at night we got another one of this type and retired the other one for visiting dogs.

I found a really cool additional product for these crates, crate covers and pads. Not only do they having boring styles, but some really cool ones as well.

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