Animal Safety Tips

Household Chemicals

Household chemicals area terrible danger for your pets. They are everywhere, and many smell very appealing to animals. Cleaners, antifreeze, pesticides, paint and many other chemicals can be fatal for your pet and in the very least make them very ill. Make sure all lids are securely tightened and that the chemicals are stored out of reach, preferably in closets or cabinets. Even with proper precautions, accidents happen. If your pet does get into a chemical, keep them warm and comfortable, try to locate what was eaten and call your vet or poison control immediately. When you go to the vet, bring a sample of the chemical to help the vet to quickly provide the proper treatment.

Poisonous Plants

Plants add a great style to a home but also pose a severe threat to your pets. From mistletoe and daffodils to tomato plants and azaleas, there are hundreds of plants that can be very harmful. Common plants such as Philodendrons can be fatal, while azaleas and Rhododendrons can affects your pets heart, nervous system and intestines. Try to keep your plants off of the ground when you have a pet, and if you notice symptoms of vomiting, swelling of the mouth and loss of appetite, get your pet to the vet as soon as possible and bring a sample of what was eaten.

Car Safety

Many dogs love car rides and hanging their nose into the wind. Though a lot of fun for your pet, cars are as dangerous for them as they are for us, if not more so. An accident, even minor can be detrimental to your pet. Keep your pet in a pet crate or for more ‘freedom’, secure them with an easy to find pet harness, which connects to the seatbelt. When making a stop, DO NOT leave your pet in a hot car. Vehicle interiors can easily reach over 120 degrees in minutes, and if that temperature makes you uncomfortable, imagine what your smaller pet feels. Irreparable brain damage, heatstroke and even death are very common for pets left in vehicles, even for minutes. If you see a pet suffering, call the authorities to help find the owner to help the animal.

High Falls

When it’s hot out, we like to of course keep our home windows open. The breeze feels great, but this is an extreme danger to your pets. Thousands of pets die every year from falling or jumping out of windows, from balconies and high patios. Like with a child you have to use further methods to keep your pet safe. Use tight fitting screens for open windows, and open it just far enough for your pet to be unable to fit. Don’t leave pets unattended on patios, and maybe install screening around your balcony.

I.D. Tags

Get your pet an ID tag! Thousands of pets are permanently lost due to lack of ID. Lost pets with ID tags are over fifty percent more likely to get home.

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